Theo Sparks

This was my first commission work, a band called ‘The Dapper Cadavers’ wanted me to make them an animated music video for their song ‘Biology’. At the time I had just started my animation degree in Bristol, learning to be an animating student. I had some help from course-mates, Efa B-M made the quirky cut-out characters, which I then animated, and Llinos Turner made an effective digital painting.

As I had a lot of freedom with this, I wanted the different sections of the song to be in different styles/mediums, because I wanted the production to be as fun and wacky as the song is. I originally wanted the vegetable characters to be stop motion, using real food. However I ran out of time, and wasn’t able to get the studio space before the food went moldy, so I settled for a digital cutout version instead.

I was also hoping to get someone to help me with the 2D animation, but they were too busy in the end, which is why parts of it look a bit iffy. This was a fun project to get on with, I’ve always wanted to make a complete music video, this was the perfect excuse to do so, I learned a lot through the process and hope it wont be my last music video project.