Theo Sparks


Read the latest development of sticker-mation here

2016: Here’s my latest animation project, an idea I’be had for a while now, but finally had the time to work on it.

I got the idea from experimenting with animation techniques during my foundation last year.

Inspiration for this project includes the work of Caleb Wood, Gary Carpenter and Paul Bush.

As for the animation itself, it was originally meant to be a very small doodle-animation idea I had, thinking it would take maybe a couple of days or something.

However I kept going back to it and refining it, something I don’t generally do with small project ideas.

After I finished animating, I made a little soundtrack, something very simple in logic, musical loops to fit the motion, so the visuals and audio match.

Later I was lucky enough to get a professional sound person on-board to create a uniquely fitting soundtrack. I was really happy with what Steff Willow did with it, she followed my guidelines really well and gave it style.

While I was in the in the process of printing, cutting, numbering, sticking and photographing the stickers, I had the opportunity to be featured on the Welsh TV channel, S4C. They were looking for welsh artists to talk about their current/recent projects.

This was perfect for me as I wanted to make a behind the scenes video for this project anyway. So it was, again, great to have a professional covering this area of the project, and for it to then be featured on TV was a bonus.

Read the latest development of sticker-mation here